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Printing, Scanning, Copying

Printing From a PC

  1. Login to a computer using your email credentials. If the computer is already logged in, log out of that account and into yours.
  2. Send your item to the printer.
    • Check paper size. It should be letter.
    • Select color or black & white/greyscale
    • Select single or double sided printing
    • NOTE: These options are in different places in different applications. You may need to poke around to get to them.
  3. Go to the printer/copier/scanner.
  4. Login with your email credentials or use your tap card.
  5. Select Print Release.
  6. Select your item to print and click on print.
    Click on the arrow to the right of your item to view and change printing option. From this detail screen, you can click on print.
  7. Be sure to logoff the printer and your computer when you are done.

Printing from a USB Drive at the Printer

NOTE: For PDFs only

  1. Login to the printer with your email credentials or your tap card. Yes, you get to skip the computer part!
  2. Insert the USB port
  3. Device Functions
  4. Use Device Functions
  5. Print/Scan Memory device
  6. Print from Storage Device
  7. USB
  8. Click on the file to select it
  9. Print settings in the upper right corner. Here's where you can change color and duplex settings if you wish.
  10. Start
  11. When done printing, safely remove the device by touching the little USB icon in the bottom left of the screen.
  12. Remove your USB drive
  13. Logout of the printer.