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Standardized Tests at Mansfield

Standardized Test Information

Mansfield's North Hall Library maintains a selective collection of complete standardized tests/test kits. The purpose of this collection is for education and psychology majors to learn how to administer and interpret tests. The Library is able to obtain these sensitive documents on the condition that their use is carefully controlled for legitimate educational purposes only; therefore, the tests may only be signed out to students with written permission from the instructor who will be supervising their work.

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Standardized Tests at Mansfield's North Hall Library

Title Call Number Validity / Reliability Documentation Included Easel or Flip Chart
3-R's test : grades 7-12 (levels 13-18), examination kit. TEST LB3060.3 .T481 1982    
3-R's test : grades K-12 (levels 6-17/18) ; examination kit. TEST LB3060.3 .T482 1982    
3-R's test : grades k-8 (levels 6-14) ; examination kit. TEST LB3060.3 .T48 1982    
4Sight Pennsylvania Grade 4 Benchmarks: Reading and Math TEST LB3052.P4 A17 2007 Gr. 4    
4Sight Pennsylvania Grade 7 Benchmarks: Reading and Math TEST LB3052.P4 A17 2007 Gr. 7    
4Sight Pennsylvania High School Benchmarks: Reading and Math TEST LB3052.P4 A17 2006 High School    
AAMD Adaptive behavior scale TEST LC4602 .A15 1981 Y  
ABI : Adaptive behavior inventory TEST LB3051 .B767 1986 Y  
ADHDT : Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder test : a method for identifying individuals with ADHD TEST RJ506.H9 G56 1995 Y  
Advanced measures of music audiation kit TEST ML3838.G67 A38 2004    
AGS early screening profiles TEST LB1131 .A18 1990 Y Y
AIR: Assessment of interpersonal relations TEST BF723.I646 A77 1993 Y  
Arizona basic assessment and curriculum utilization system : ABACUS, curriculum for young children with special needs TEST LC4019.2 .A75 1985    
Attention deficit disorders evaluation scale TEST RJ506.H9 M35 1989 Y  
BASIS: Basic achievement skills individual screener TEST BF431.3 .B27 1983 Y Y
Battelle developmental inventory TEST LB1131 .B28 1984 Y  
Behavior evaluation scale-2 TEST BF722 .B34 1994 Y  
Bender Motor Gestalt Test : cards and manual of instructions TEST BF698.8.B4 B46 1946    
BITCH test : (Black Intelligence Test of Cultural Homogeneity) TEST PE3102.N46 B57 1972 Y  
Boehm-3 : Boehm test of basic concepts TEST LB1131 .B63 2000-01 Y  
Brigance diagnostic comprehensive inventory of basic skills TEST LB3060.22 .B7 1999    
Brigance K & 1 screen for kindergarten and first grade TEST LB3060.22 .B754 1987    
BRP-2 : Behavior Rating Profile TEST BF722 .B75 1990 Y  
California diagnostic reading tests TEST LB1050.46 .C25 1989 Y  
Career interest inventory. TEST LT3120.P83 C3 1990    
Carolina developmental profile (CDP) : a criterion referenced checklist for planning of early childhood TEST LB1131 .C27 1990    
CELF-Preschool : clinical evaluation of language fundamentals--Preschool TEST LB1139.L3 W45 1992 Y  
Child development inventory TEST LB1131.75 .I74 Y  
Children's problems checklist TEST BF722 .C45 1985    
Cornell critical thinking tests TEST BF455 .C67 1985 Y  
CPI : California psychological inventory TEST BF698.5 .C17 1986 Y  
CREVT2 : Comprehensive receptive and expressive vocabulary test, 2nd edition TEST LB1139.L3 C65 2002 Y Y
CSSA : Comprehensive scales of student abilities : quantifying academic skills and school-related behavior through the use of teacher judgments TEST LB3061 .C65 1994 Y  
CTONI : comprehensive test of nonverbal intelligence TEST BF432.5.N65 H36 1996 Y Y
Cultural literacy test : what every American needs to know TEST LB45 .C86 1989 Y  
DAB-2: Diagnostic achievement battery TEST BF431.5 .D52 1990 Y  
DARTTS : Diagnostic assessments of reading with Trial teaching strategies TEST LB1050.46 .D17 1992    
DATA : Diagnostic achievement test for adolescents TEST LB3060.32.N67 .D52 1986 Y  
DAYS: Depression and anxiety in youth scale TEST BF575.A6 D37 1994 Y  
Degrees of reading power (DRP) : primary examination set. TEST LB1050.46 .D45 Y  
Detroit tests of learning aptitude : DTLA-2 TEST LB1134 .D38 1985 Y Y
Detroit tests of learning aptitude : DTLA-4 TEST LB3060.33.D45 H351 Y Y
Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude - Primary : DTLA-P:2 TEST LB1184 .D383 1991 Y Y
Devereux elementary school behavior rating scale II TEST LB1060.2 .D38 1982 Y  
Diagnostic reading examination for diagnosis of special difficulty in reading TEST LB1525.76 .D52 M66    
DIAL-R assessment kit : developmental indicators for the assessment of learning. TEST LB1134 .D52 1983 Y  
Differential aptitude tests : Form C : with career interest inventory TEST BF432.5.D53 B4 1990    
Doren diagnostic reading test of word recognition skills TEST LB1573.6 .D67 1973    
Durrell analysis of reading difficulty TEST LB1573 .D87 1980 Y  
Dynamic indicators of basic early literacy skills (DIBELS) TEST LB1525.75 .G66 2003, Gr.3    
Early screening inventory : ESI.R TEST LB1132 .M45 1997 Y  
EBPS : Emotional and behavior problem scale TEST LC4801 .E66 1989 Y  
EDI-2 : Eating disorder inventory 2 TEST RC552.E18 G27 1991 Y  
Effective school battery TEST LB2806 .E44 1984 Y  
ELM Scale-2 : Early language milestone TEST LB1139.L3 E27 1993 Y  
Examining for aphasia : assessment of aphasia and related impairments TEST RC425 .E82 1994    
Expressive one-word picture vocabulary test TEST LB1139.L3 E96 2000 Y Y
First grade screening test TEST LB1132 .F57    
FirstSTEP : screening test for evaluating preschoolers TEST LB1131 .F57 1993 Y  
Fluharty-2 : Fluharty preschool speech and language screening test TEST LB1139.L3 F58 2001 Y  
FRI : Formal reading inventory TEST B1573.7 .F67 1986 Y  
Frostig program for the development of visual perception TEST BF241 .F76    
Gates-MacGinitie reading tests TEST LB1573 .G28 2000    
Gilliam Asperger's disorder scale TEST RC553.A88 G56 2001    
GORT 4 : Gray oral reading tests TEST LB1050.46 .W542 2001 Y  
GORT-D : Gray oral reading tests -- diagnostic TEST LB1050.46 .G72 1991 Y  
Gray Diagnostic Reading Tests TEST LB1573.5 .B79 2004    
HELP checklist : Hawaii early learning profile TEST LC4015 .H46 1984    
Hudson education skills inventory, mathematics TEST QA139 .H83 1989    
Hudson education skills inventory, reading TEST LB1573 .H83 1989    
Hudson education skills inventory, writing TEST LB1139.W7 H83 1989    
Integrated assessment system : language arts performance assessment, reading/writing TEST LB1576 .F37 1990    
Intermediate measures of music audiation kit TEST ML3838.G67 I58 1992 Gr.1-6    
IPC: Index of Personality Characteristics : a measure of affect in school-aged children TEST BF698.8.I53 B76 1988 Y  
IPT 1, Oral English Forms G & H TEST LB3060.33.I683 B45 2010   Y
IPT 3: Reading and Writing English TEST LB3060.33.I683 A46 2008    
IPT Early Literacy: Reading and Writing, English TEST LB3060.33.I683 A46 2006    
KABC-II : Kaufman assessment battery for children TEST BF431.5 .K28 2004 Y  
KeyMath revised : a diagnostic inventory of essential mathematics, Forms A and B TEST QA139 .C66 1988 Y Y
K-SOS : Kaufman sequential or simultaneous TEST LB1131.K345 K73    
K-TEA : Kaufman test of educational achievement: brief form TEST LB3060.33.K38 K179 1985 Y Y
K-TEA : Kaufman test of educational achievement: comprehensive form TEST LB3060.33.K38 K18 1985 Y Y
K-TEA-3 : Kaufman test of educational achievement: form A TEST LB3060.33.K38 K38 2014    
LAAP : language arts assessment portfolio TEST LB1131 .K34    
Language assessment scales. Lectura/escritura TEST LB1050.46 .L36 1994    
LAS : Language assessment scales : oral TEST LB1139.L3 L318 1990    
Learning style profile TEST LB1060 .L427 1986 Y  
Manual for the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Revised TEST BF431 .W37 1974    
MAT6, Metropolitan Achievement Tests. Reading diagnostic tests TEST LB1050.46 .M38 Y  
MAT7 : Metropolitan Achievement Tests. TEST LB3060.33.M46 M38 1993    
Mental status checklist for adults TEST RC386.6.M44 S35 1988    
Metropolitan readiness tests TEST LB1132 .N87 1986    
Minnesota teacher attitude inventory TEST LB1033 .M57 1951 Y  
MLA--cooperative foreign language tests, French TEST PC2117 .M52    
MLA-cooperative foreign language tests, German TEST PF3119 .M52    
MLA--cooperative foreign language tests, Russian TEST PG2119 .M52    
MLA-cooperative foreign language tests, Spanish TEST PC4117 .M52    
MMPI: Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory TEST BF698.5 .M56 1967 Y  
Nelson-Denny reading test : forms G and H TEST LB1050.46 .N36 1993    
Otis-Lennon mental ability test TEST BF431 .O8 1967    
Otis-Lennon mental ability test. Advanced level, form J TEST BF431 .O857 1967    
Otis-Lennon mental ability test. Elementary I level, form J TEST BF431 .O854 1967    
Otis-Lennon mental ability test. Elementary II level, form J TEST BF431 .O855 1967    
Otis-Lennon mental ability test. Intermediate level, form J TEST BF431 .O856 1967    
Otis-Lennon mental ability test. Primary I level, form J TEST BF431 .O852 1967    
Otis-Lennon mental ability test. Primary II level, form J TEST BF431 .O853 1967    
Otis-Lennon school ability test : OLSAT. Form 3 TEST BF431 .O82 1996    
Peabody individual achievement test : PIAT-R Currently Unavailable    
Personal problems checklist for adolescents TEST BF724.3.E5 P37 1985    
Personal problems checklist for adults TEST BF724.5 .P37 1984    
PIAT-Rnu manual TEST B3060.33.P43 M37 1998    
Piers-Harris 2 : Piers-Harris children's self-concept scale TEST BF723.S28 P54 2002 Y  
PLS-3 : Preschool language scale-3 TEST LB1050.46 .Z67 1992 Y Y
PPVT-III : Peabody picture vocabulary test TEST BF433.V6 P22 1997 Y Y
PPVT-4 : Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, fourth edition. Form A TEST BF432.5.P42 D858 2007    
PPVT-4 : Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test. Form B TEST BF432.5 .V6 D858 2007    
Preschool and kindergarten performance profile TEST LB1131 .P74 1970    
Preschool language scale TEST LB1139.L3 P74 1969    
Primary measures of music audiation kit TEST ML3838 .G67 P75 2002 K-Gr.3    
Reading yardsticks. TEST LB1050.46 .R42 1981 Y  
Receptive one-word picture vocabulary test TEST PE1449 .R43 2000 Y Y
Responsibility and independence scale for adolescents TEST BF724.25 .R37 1990 Y  
R-FVII:2 : Reading-free vocational interest inventory 2 TEST HF5381.5 .R32 2000 Y  
SAGES-2 : screening assessment for gifted elementary and middle school students TEST LC3993 .J64 2001 Y  
Sand : [the concepts about print test] TEST LB1050.5.C55 S2 1996    
Sawyer's TALS : test of awareness of language segments TEST LB1050.46 .S28 1987 Y  
School attitude test/ Earl McCallon. TEST LB1131 .M25 Y  
School readiness survey TEST LB1131.J67 S24    
SDRT : Spadafore diagnostic reading test manual TEST LB1131 .S635    
SEDS : Social-Emotional Dimension Scale, a measure of school behavior TEST BF722 .S32 1986 Y  
SEI : Self-esteem index - Brown TEST BF723.S3 B76 1991 Y  
SEI : Self-esteem inventories - Coopersmith TEST BF723.S3 C66 1981 Y  
Self directed search : a guide to educational and vocational planning TEST HF5381.7 .H6    
Sequenced inventory of communication development TEST LB1139.L3 H33 1975 Y  
Skills for independent living. Specimen set TEST HV3004 .I78 1981    
Slosson intelligence test : SIT-R TEST BF432.5.S55 S56 1991 Y  
Slosson oral reading test : SORT-R TEST LB1573.5 .S56 1994 Y  
Smith-Johnson nonverbal performance scale TEST BF432.5.N65 S65 1977 Y  
SSA (Survey of school attitudes) Form A TEST LB3605 .H64 1975 Y  
SSSQ : Street Survival Skills Questionnaire TEST HV3004 .L56 1979 Y  
Stanford achievement test series. Primary 1, Form A, Complete battery, Multiple choice test booklet. TEST LB3060.3 .S821 2003    
Stanford diagnostic reading test. Brown level forms G-H TEST LB1050.46 .S822 1984    
Stanford diagnostic reading test. Green level forms G-H TEST LB1050.46 .S823 1984    
Stanford diagnostic reading test. Red level forms G-H TEST LB1050.46 .S824 1984    
Stanford early school achievement test : SESAT 2. TEST LB3060.3 .S825 1988    
Stanford test of academic skills. Form J. TEST LB3060.3 .S836 1989    
Stanford-Binet intelligence scale : examiner's kit  NOTE: Faculty Only TEST BF432.5.S8 T48 1986    
Stones : the concepts about print test TEST LB1050.5.C55 S7 1979    
TELD-3 : test of early language development TEST LB1139.L3 L37 1999 Y Y
TERA-2: Test of early reading ability TEST LB1050.46 .T37 1989 Y  
TERA-D/HH : Test of early reading ability : special edition for students who are deaf or hard of hearing TEST LB1050.46 .T372 1991 Y  
Test of pragmatic skills TEST LB1528 .T37 1985 Y  
Test of word knowledge TEST LB1139.L3 T388 1991 Y Y
TEWL-2 : test of early written language TEST LB1139.W7 T37 1996 Y  
TOAL-3 : Test of adolescent and adult language : assessing linguistic aspects of listening, speaking, reading, and writing TEST LB1631 .T37 1994 Y  
TOLD-I:3 : test of language development. Intermediate TEST LB1139.L3 T652 1997 Y  
TOLD-P:3 : test of language development. Primary TEST LB1139.L3 T651 1997 Y  
TOMA-2 : Test of mathematical abilities TEST QA139 .T37 1994 Y  
TONI-3, Test of Nonverbal Intelligence : a language-free measure of cognitive ability TEST BF432.5.N65 B76 1997 Y Y
TOPA : Test of phonological awareness TEST LB1139.L3 T38 1994 Y  
TOPL : test of pragmatic language TEST LB1139.L3 T66 1992 Y Y   
TORC-3 : Test of reading comprehension TEST LB1050.46 .T673 1995 Y  
TOWL-3 : test of written language TEST LB3060.32.N67 H37 1996 Y  
Transition behavior scale TEST LC4019.7 .M22 1989 Y  
TWS-4 : test of written spelling TEST LB1574 .T37 1999 Y  
UPAS: Uniform performance assessment system TEST LB1131 .U65 1981 Y  
Vineland-II survey forms starter set TEST LB1131 .S637 2005 Y  
WAI: Work adjustment inventory : measures of job-related temperament TEST HF5381.6 .W67 1994 Y  
Watson-Glaser critical thinking appraisal TEST BF431.3 .W38 1980 Y  
WIAT II : Wechsler Individual Achievement Test. TEST BF432.5.W42 W15 2002 Y Y
Wide range achievement test TEST BF431.3 .W53 1993 Y  
WISC-IV : Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Fourth Edition  NOTE: Faculty Only TEST BF432.5.W42 W42 2003 Y  
WMS-III : Wechsler memory scale TEST BF431 W378 1997 Y Y
Wonderlic personnel test. TEST HF5549.5.E5 W65 Y  
Woodcock reading mastery tests : Revised G+H TEST LB1050.46 .W66 1987 Y Y
Woodcock-Johnson III tests of cognitive abilities TEST BF432.5.W66 W66 2001 Y Y
Woodcock-McGrew-Werder mini-battery of achievement TEST BF431.3 .W66 1994 Y Y
Woodcock - Munoz Language Survey Revised English Form A TEST LB3060.33.W694 W66 2005   Y
WPPSI-III : [Wechsler preschool and primary scale of intelligence]. TEST BF432.5.W42 W18 2002 Y Y
Writing process test TEST LB1576 .W75 1992    
Zaner-Bloser modality kit TEST LB1051 .B27 Y