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Peer Research Consultants: Home

Who are Peer Research Consultants?

Peer Research Consultants (PRCs) are students hired and trained through the University Libraries and Learning/Tutoring Centers across Commonwealth University. The purpose of PRCs is to support students with written research projects by providing research assistance and information about the Libraries' and Learning/Tutoring Centers' services and resources. PRCs engage with other students one-on-one, in small groups, with other tutors, and librarians.

What can Peer Research Consultants help with?

Research assistance may include

  • using the library catalog,
  • simple database searching,
  • locating library materials,
  • peer-level guidance on planning and executing research projects, and
  • referrals to library and other faculty when additional support is needed.

How to Book an Appointment

1. Find and Launch CU Succeed Portal:
Log into the CU Succeed system by following this link: Scroll down the screen until the Quick Links heading, where you will find a link for CU Succeed. Click the yellow button to launch the SSO Login. This uses your SSO, in other words, your Commonwealthu email and password.

2. Navigate to CU Succeed Menu:
Next, you’ll navigate to the menu next to “CU Succeed” on the top banner.

3. Choose “Courses”:
From the drop-down menu, click your “Courses” menu.

4. Browse your “Network” of support:

If there is a peer tutor or supplemental instruction leader available for your course, there will be a service icon listed in the “Network” tab for your course. Click on the icon to schedule. If there isn’t a peer leader available, you can always click on NetTutor to get information on how to access assistance through them.

Peer writing support is available for ALL Commonwealth University courses and will also be available through the “Network” tab as a separate service.

Peer research support is also available for ALL Commonwealth University courses and will also be available through the “Network” tab as a separate service (see Peer Research Consultants).


At Lock Haven: 

Primary location = 24 hour study room

PRCs will return in Fall 2024.


At Mansfield: 

Primary location = 3rd floor west wing in North Hall Library, unless otherwise noted

PRCs will return in Fall 2024.



At Bloomsburg: 

At Lock Haven: 

At Mansfield: