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Library Policies

Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania Libraries Strategic Priorities 2024-2029

Student Success

1. Maximize Library faculty and staff interaction with CU students by continually emphasizing the values of Information Fluency and contribute to their success in the classroom, on campus, and in their lives.

2. Partner with other student-centered areas across campus to maximize the visibility of services and opportunities available to the University Community.

3. Student focus is essential for all decisions on all resources, materials, staffing, and programing.

Welcoming and Inclusive Community

  1. Library collection development will focus on High Quality Materials and Resources that are Critical Student Success.
  2. Make the Library (People, Spaces, and its Resources) a welcoming, energized, and supportive destination of choice for our students; transforming into a place of engagement, diversity, inclusion, interaction, and investment into the academic and personal success of CU students.

Academic Excellence and Innovation

  1. Provide Library instruction classes that focus on information fluency skills to improve classroom performance and prepare students with the critical skills for their future careers.
  2. Provide accessibility to Library Resources/Materials/Faculty and Staff despite geographic location as possible.
  3. Continually access and improve library programming to become a campus center of engagement, interaction, and investment into the students' academic and personal success.

University Success

  1. Focus on the equitable, assessable, efficient, effective, and responsible management of Library Resources via budget, personnel, and space to support high impact practices that will contribute to student success.
  2. Continually develop and assess tools to communicate the essential value of the CU Libraries to the Community, University Stakeholders and the students' journey - from recruitment to retention to alumni - by emphasizing the CU Libraries' positive impact on CU Students.


If you have a question about a Library policy, please contact:

Scott DiMarco, Mansfield

Charlotte Droll, Bloomsburg

Joby Topper, Lock Haven