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Bloomsburg Investment Group (BIG)


The Bloomsburg Investment Group is an assembly of investors, interested in discussing and learning about topics that affect securities trading, the economy, and finance in general.

The Constitution of the Bloomsburg Investment Group

The Investment Policy Statement of the Bloomsburg Investment Group

If interested in learning more, please contact:

Dr. Victoria Geyfman

Department of Finance

Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania

Michael Coffta

Business Research Librarian

Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania

This guide consists of recommended readings on selected finance-related topics, all available through Andruss Library, Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania. 

If you are a Pennsylvania resident and interested in checking out these books, please review the information on obtaining a PA Resident Borrower's Card.

Know too that while PA residents may not view Andruss Library's ebooks off-campus, you may come to campus with her or his PA Resident's card to access them on-campus.

Special thanks to Mr. Spencer McHugh, Bloomsburg University alumnus, for his assistance in developing this guide, and his enthusiastic interest in investment.

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