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Features of Journal Articles:

  • Also known as peer-reviewed or academic articles, they are written by experts and/or highly trained professionals in a particular field.
  • The rigorous peer-review process ensures articles are vetted and fact-checked before publication.
  • Journal articles typically focus on a topic through a very narrow lens.

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Features of Scholarly Books:

  • Due to the length, they typically cover a topic more broadly than journal articles.
  • They are typically written for a larger audience than journal articles.
  • They may contain a collection of related chapters by different authors.

Important Note: In most cases you'll only use a chapter or two for your research so don't be scared off by the length of a book.

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Search Everything is the library's equivalent to Google. In addition to searching everything in the Library's Catalog (books, ebooks, media, etc.) it also searches most of our databases containing journal articles and other electronic resources.