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WallStreetBets, GameStop and Hedge Fund Short Sales

WallStreetBets, GameStop and Shorts

The ongoing developments of the actions and interactions of private investors (specifically through RobinHood) have called into question what is fair, what is legal, and how gains for holding and selling may fairly occur.  This guide is designed to serve as a starting point for research in these topics. 

Special Consideration:

Researchers are given the task of evaluating the sources they use when selecting readings, judging those readings, and finally incorporating into the researcher's writing.  Under normal circumstances, a researcher must weigh the credibility, authority, etc. of a source to determine if it is indeed worth using for one's research.  While this still holds true for research into this topic, there is a considerable complication.  Normally one would select readings from time-honored business-related resources.  This topic, however, deals with Reddit users in "rebellion" against the "Wall Street establishment."  Sources on both conspicuous sides of this issue can easily be seen as unbiased sources.  While conventional research tells one to steer clear of overly biased sources, the use of such sources may be unavoidable in research on this topic.

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