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150 Years: 150 Years Celebration Homepage


The Bloomsburg University Alumni Association, active in so many ways in the life of the campus over the years, was formed on June 22, 1871, just two years after the Bloomsburg Literary Institute became a state normal school. The foundation of the association was composed of members of the first two classes, numbering just 20. Over the past 150 years the Association has worked to engage its members to keep them connected to their alma mater and encourage them to provide increased opportunities for current and future students.

The Association has promoted numerous activities and events which are highlighted in the exhibit. These include coordinating class gifts and campus memorials; dedications to faculty and our first president; printing a magazine, calendars and decals; organizing the Husky Ambassadors; sponsoring foreign trips; and hosting meetings, reunions, dinners, celebrations and other festive events. It has also provided space on campus and in town for returning alumni to visit, which over the years have been the Bakeless Memorial Room in Waller Hall, the Alumni Room in Carver Hall, the Fenstemaker Alumni House, and now the Greenly Center on Main Street.