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Website for DOMA-14


Documents and Maps Association
of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education


DOMA was founded in 1983 to better facilitate the flow of government information among the fourteen universities of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.  DOMA members meet once a year at a member institution and communite throughout the year using the DOMA listserv.  

At the 2005 annual meeting, members approved a new mission statement:  "The Documents and Map Association of Pennsylvania (DOMA), in conjunction with the State Library of Pennsylvania, is committed to the acquisition, distribution, and archiving of both Federal and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Government documents.  To that end, DOMA is committed to collaboration amongst its members for the benefit of its primary constituency, the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The identification, preservation and archiving of DOMA legacy collections shall be a hallmark of this collaboration.  DOMA seeks to identify legacy collections by region within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and secure appropriate housing among institutions within the area of interest.  DOMA members will utilize technology toward appropriate institutional goals and will collaborate wherever possible to seek funding opportunities that will benefit all DOMA institutions; collegiality and collaborations shall remain the cornerstones of DOMA, as they are its founding principles."