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Recycling Resources


It is often frustrating for an environmentally conscientious person who is willing to recycle materials and products to be is unable to do so.  The goal of this guide is to connect recyclers with organizations, businesses, etc. that will regularly recycle drop-offs from the public.  These organizations will either recycle, reuse, and/or responsibly dispose of certain products and materials.  Use the tabs on the left to find names, contact info, and Google Maps for these organizations.  You are urged to contact these organizations if you have questions about what specific materials, products, etc. they will accept.

Please note that the organizations mentioned in this guide generally accept recyclables from individuals and households.  If you wish to make arrangements for a drive or any other high volume drop off, or if you wish to recycle items from your business, please contact the organization.

Recycling in Bloomsburg PA is not only a benefit to the environment and community, local laws require that househoilds, organizations, businesses, and certain events recycle selected materials.

The Bloomsburg Recycling Center is the best place to start learning about local recycling requirements and opportunities.