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Lost-Cost Textbook Publishers

Some new entrants to the textbook market offer students the choice of very inexpensive e-texts or low cost print versions of the same. These publishers' low cost models mean that they don't send reps to your office, so you need to investigate via publisher web sites.

This searches the sites listed below the box page. You'll need to skip the ads at the beginning (powered by free Google Custom search).


University and Scholarly Presses Search

Another option, is to look for texts published by university presses or scholarly associations--these non-profits offer high quality, often at moderate prices. Or, you can seek out small specialty publishers with expertise in specific fields. Texts from these "niche" publishers can be both high quality and reasonably priced.

The search box below searches the sites of some large university presses, listed below.   For additional publishers by subject see the next box.

University & Scholarly Presses by Subject