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Open Educational Resources

Other Options for Textbook Affordability

If an OER doesn't work, there are other options to help lower the cost of textbooks.  The pages in this section will walk you through finding and using Inclusive/First Day Access, texts from low-cost publishers, library ebooks, library articles, and videos/films as course materials.  Use the links in the menu. Or, watch one of the two videos below.


First is the video for the Textbook Alternatives panel held during BU's Textbook Affordability Week, March 2021. Panelists were Drs. Jessy Defenderfer, Scott Mehall, Cindy Surmacz, and Craig Young.  Topics included finding alternate textbooks, orientating students to a new type of course text, student responses to new types of course materials, and what faculty would do differently next time.  Types of course materials discussed include open educational resources, Inclusive Access, library ebooks, and podcasts.  It is close-captioned.



Next up is the video for "Ebooks and Videos and Trade Books, Oh My!: Alternatives to Traditional Textbooks," a conversation between University Store manager Laura Heger and librarians Linda Neyer and Katie Yelinek.  It was recorded in Fall 2020. Topics include Inclusive Access, e-textbooks, open educational resources, courseware, library ebooks, videos, and journal articles.  It is close-captioned.