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Genealogical Research


United States [Population] Censuses

Harvey A. Andruss Library’s holdings of census schedules are on microfilm. Only the 1790 (1st) census contains schedules for all states.  Holdings for the Pennsylvania schedules are complete for the 1790 – 1880 census.  The 1890 holdings include only the special schedules enumerating Union Veterans and widows of the Civil War. We also have schedules for Columbia County and nearby counties for 1900-1930.  The numbered microfilm series by Census are listed below:

Microfilm 112  1790 US Printed Census Microfilm 120  1860 PA Census
Microfilm 113  1790 US Original Census Microfilm 121  1870 PA Census
Microfilm 114  1800 PA Census* Microfilm 122  1880 PA Census
Microfilm 115  1810 PA Census* Microfilm 123  1890 PA Census
Microfilm 116  1820 PA Census* Microfilm 123 A-D 1900-1930 Census for
Microfilm 117  1830 PA Census* Columbia and various other PA Counties
Microfilm 118  1840 PA Census*

Microfilm 119  1850 PA Census*

* Indexes for these years are found in Ref F148 .J29 through F148.J328 (1st floor)


City Directories of the United States, 1860-1901.   Guide to the Microfilm Collection

Ref Z 5771.2 C57 indexes Microfilm 149 and Microfiche 1406.  Names, addresses and occupations of private citizens, types of businesses and private and public organizations. Use the guide (city index at the end) to identify the film or fiche number. Reels and fiche are arranged alphabetically by municipality.