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Doctor of Nursing Practice

Library and information research strategies and resources for DNP students.

Develop Your Topic

Good research projects and papers start with well-defined topic. However, getting to a well-defined topic requires some exploration on the part of you: the researcher.

One way to learn about your topic is by consulting background information.

Some good sources of background information are:

  • Encyclopedias and reference books
  • Credible websites
  • Your textbooks and class readings

Taking the time to get a broad overview and understanding of your topic will make the entire research process go more smoothly.

Background Information

Refine Your Topic

Once you've done some background research and have a good understanding of your topic, it is important to narrow down your topic to suit the length of your paper.

Here are few ways you might refine and focus your topic:

  • consider a particular viewpoint
  • choose a specific aspect of the topic
  • your topic as it relates to another topic
  • focus your topic by looking at a specific geographic region, population, time period, or individual